Dutch Passion - Auto Lemon Kix

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  • Yield: XXL
  • Genetics: Sativa
  • THC: Extremely High
  • Seed to harvest: 12 weeks


Auto Lemon Kix is the result of Dutch Passion's breeding work, a very easy to grow plant that offers great results even to beginner cultivators. It is suitable for all types of cultivation and does not require a lot of nutrients to obtain good results. However, in order to enjoy the full genetics potential, it is advisable to apply a range of organic nutrients.

Auto Lemon Kix, when grown in the right conditions, develops a medium to tall size according to the phenotypes. It develops a classic Christmas tree appearance, with a large central bud surrounded by long secondary branches. It delivers an abundant production of large buds, so it may be advisable to use a mesh or stakes to help support the branches from excessive weight. Its Sativa heritage makes it develop thin leaves through which the light penetrates well and makes the most of photosynthesis throughout the plant.

Auto Lemon has a flowering time that may seem a little longer than other auto-flowering genetics, with a full 12-week cycle before the harvest is ready. Under unfavorable growing conditions and lower temperatures, this flowering can be extended by 1-2 weeks. However, this wait is compensated by a very abundant yield of up to 50-100g per plant when cultivated outdoors. It is advisable to use slightly larger pots than usual for maximum yields; in warm climates 20-25L pots are recommended.

Dutch Passion Auto Lemon Kix, great delights It is an easy to cultivate variety with incredible qualities, such as developing impressive plants that provide abundant yields. One of the most notable Auto Lemon Kix features is its exceptional organoleptic qualities, especially when grown organically. Dutch Passion advises not to harvest it too early in order to make the most of its full potential in terms of flavour and effect.

This Sativa variety offers a very stimulating effect, which allows you to enjoy the day without feeling depleted. It is ideal to do activities or to socialize. The more compact phenotypes can offer a more hybrid effect with a more pronounced physical relaxation. When consumed in moderation, it retains the ability to provide a good mood.