Dutch Passion - Auto Mokum's Tulip

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  • Yield: XL
  • Genetics: Hybrid
  • THC: Very High
  • Seed to harvest: 12 weeks


Auto Mokum's Tulip is a magnificent auto-flowering variety to cultivate, a plant as beautiful in flowering, as it is pleasant to taste!

Auto Mokum's Tulip genetics Mokum's Tulip is the encounter between Gelato and Sherbert. This variety has obtained a great success. This has led the seed bank to develop its auto-flowering version and thus offer all users the opportunity to enjoy its excellent qualities. Dutch Passion in this breeding work has used its Auto Colorado Cookies variety in order to provide the Auto gene and thus preserve the organoleptic qualities of the photosensitive version.

This auto-flowering hybrid requires 12 weeks from germination in order to complete its cycle and be ready for harvest. It produces compact and resinous buds, ideal for various resin extractions. This resin is suitable for Ice-O-Lator extractions as well as for Rosin concentrates.

It presents flowers with beautiful colors during the flowering period in two of the four phenotypes that can be obtained. This auto variety is slightly less diesel-like in aroma than the photosensitive variety, yet enriched with vanilla notes. As for the rest of the features, it retains the impact, potency and, by all means, the magnificent colors.

Auto Mokum's Tulip, diesel and cookies flavours It brings the sweet aromas of Dutch tulips accompanied by impressive diesel, petrol and cookies flavors inherited from Gelato and Sherbert. Aromas and flavors of a perfect cross where creamy touches are also present.

It contains high cannabinoids levels that can exceed 20%, offering a very deep effect that leaves the user completely knocked out.