Dutch Passion - Lava Freeze

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  • Yield: L
  • Flowering period: 8 weeks
  • Genetics: Indica
  • THC: High


Lava Freeze can grow rather bushy. Therefore, we recommend to do several sessions of leaf tucking (or plucking) to give enough space and light to the inner shoots for them to grow more vigorously. This can best be done during the vegetative phase. It will also help to increase the potential yield of this strain. Try to be careful if there’s a lot of rain and moisture towards the end of flowering. Due to the compact buds, it is recommended to keep the humidity low when you are growing indoors. When you grow outdoors in a wet and temperate climate try to place the plants under a shelter during late flowering. The colder night temperatures (which she can handle pretty well) will create a beautiful and striking color palette with purple, red and black shades. She can handle a bit of rain but doesn’t like to be soaking wet during the last few weeks of the flowering period.