Dutch Passion - Mazar

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  • Yield: XL
  • Flowering period: 8 weeks
  • Genetics: Indica
  • THC: Very High


Mazar is an uncomplicated cannabis strain that is easy to grow by any type of grower or with any type of grow method. Her genetic background ensures a very stable and uniform end result. It is an Indica dominant variety with only a small proportion of Sativa genetics, which means that this plant is slightly less stocky and has a higher yield than the purest Indica's. The combination of quality, yield, speed, robustness and ease of cultivation has made this strain a true classic and a legendary strain.

The most important tip we can give is to keep both humidity and temperature under control. She doesn't like extremely high temperatures, which can cause the buds to become more "fluffy". Low humidity is important to prevent mold and rot. In addition, good air circulation is also important for our Kush Mazar. This ensures that the branches become stronger and they can support more weight.

Do you want to get the highest possible yield from this strain? Then ensure a stable climate with a low maximum temperature (25-27ÂșC) in combination with low humidity and sufficient air exchange / displacement.