Dutch Passion - Pamir Gold

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  • Yield: L
  • Flowering period: 7 weeks
  • Genetics: Hybrid
  • THC: High


Pamir Gold does well outdoors in the ground, but can also be grown in pots. Keep in mind that she prefers aerated soil and will benefit from being grown in pots which ensure a lot of air, such as a root pouch, smart pot or air pot. This helps to prevent root rot.

Although Pamir Gold is a very robust plant outdoors, we recommend that you pre-grow her indoors for a few weeks. It's not essential per se, but it gives the ladies a useful developmental edge. Germination is possible outdoors, but because the cannabis seedling is then at her most fragile/vulnerable stage, we don’t recommend this for guerrilla cultivation.

Use a plant with an established root system and a number of growth shoots and the rest of the cultivation will go smoothly. Even in the most difficult conditions, this lady can provide you with a rich harvest. If you grow her outdoors, provide a sheltered spot, but one that is still windy, this will make for stronger branches that will eventually support larger blooms.