Dutch Passion - Passion #1

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  • Yield: XL
  • Flowering period: 6 weeks
  • Genetics: Hybrid
  • THC: Very High


Passion #1 is a cannabis plant with a strong urge to grow vertically. If you want her to grow wider, we strongly recommend topping and/or fimming the plants several times. Without these growth techniques, this plant feels the need to grow further and further up. This can lead to very tall plants over 4 m high in the most favourable conditions. Thanks to this vigor and size, she naturally delivers a very high yield. You can also use the SCROG method outside, for example, to limit her height somewhat.

In order to be able to grow the largest plants, we recommend that the plants are started early indoors. In the case of the Netherlands, it is best to start around March/April. Germinating indoors and pre-growing the plants for at least 4-6 weeks ensures a strong plant that can take a beating before it is placed outside.

If you have even longer e.g. 8-10 weeks, we recommend repotting the plants several times to a larger pot, this is better for the root system. Do not forget to harden (acclimatise) the plants to outdoor conditions before they are permanently placed outside. You can do this by leaving the plants outside in a pot for a few hours every day for around 1-2 weeks. Start doing this in the morning and gradually leave the plant outside for increasingly longer periods.