Dutch Passion - Pineapple Poison

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  • Yield: L
  • Flowering period: 8 - 10 weeks
  • Genetics: Hybrid
  • THC: High


Pineapple Poison is a strong and vigorous plant. If you are looking for the highest possible yield we advise topping of the main branch and possibly later on another round of topping of the new main shoots if you are having a long VEG period.

You can also use cropping and supercropping techniques to keep a more even canopy, both techniques will help to improve the yield of the strain. Regarding nutrients, she is a pretty easy feeder, and doesn’t need much expertise to grow well. We recommend keep the EC around 1.8-2 in flower for the best results (maximum of 2.2). You can also grow her completely organically for the tastiest result! As with most strains the best yield and quality indoors will come if you keep her in a stable growing environment. Between 20-29 ºC in bloom works very well and try to keep her humidity low during late flowering for the densest flowers. Don’t worry if you are not able to keep the temperatures below 30ºC, the strain has been tested several times in hot climates and was still able to produce very well. Pineapple Poison is quite homogenous, and the flowers all share that nice Sativa dominant structure and a great recognisable aroma and taste!