Dutch Passion - Super Mad Sky Floater

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  • Yield: L
  • Flowering period: 9 - 10 weeks
  • Genetics: Hybrid
  • THC: Very High


Super Mad Sky Floater doesn’t require any special growth techniques or nutrient schedules to grow well. All she really needs is a good quality soil and nutrients (preferably organic), some TLC and a passionate grower that is willing to put some work in! She will surely repay you with an amazingly potent harvest. All in all, she is a fairly easy plant to grow and is therefore very suitable for beginners. Being a polyhybrid with a vigorous growth pattern and solid branching structure she loves being bent, cropped and supercropped. Growers that are familiar with these techniques should definitely put them to use when growing this strain. You often see that the branches which are supercropped produce very thick and strong branches which eventually will carry the heaviest flowers. Pinching, topping and FIM is recommended if you grow with just a few plants per m2. This will encourage side growth and will help achieve bigger harvests. We don’t recommend using this when you are doing a SOG grow.