Dutch Passion - Master Kush

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  • Yield: L
  • Flowering period: 8 weeks
  • Genetics: Indica
  • THC: High


A F1 cross between two different Hindu-kush strains. Yield is high. Excellent taste and strong high. One of our favorites.

Master Kush is a potent Afghan Indica that grows practically on her own. It is one of the most robust and strong strains for indoor growing. She likes a stable and dry climate, so keep that in mind if you want to get the finest possible results. In addition, Master Kush likes a generously sized grow container with sufficient soil, especially when you work with low numbers of plants per m2.

She doesn't like wet feet and would rather be a little drier than too wet. This lady does really well on a Hydro system. In combination with LED lamps and possibly a UV lamp (UVB and UVA) the buds become even stickier and more potent!

Provide adequate ventilation and low humidity so that the buds can harden off well and do not get rot/mould. This Indica grows as a compact hybrid photoperiod so you can work with a shorter pre-growth period than would be required with other Indica-dominant strains.