Dutch Passion - Power Plant

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  • Yield: XXL
  • Flowering period: 8 weeks
  • Genetics: Sativa
  • THC: High


With most strains a complete optimisation of the growing conditions is required to achieve a very high yield. With Power Plant, this XXL yield is more the standard. Power Plant is a strain that can handle all types of growing conditions and all types of growing methods. She does well in a SOG (whether or not on 12/12 from seed) and in a SCROG she excels. Her many branches, good elongation and long flowers with only thin slender leaves make her ideal for this growing method.

Keep in mind that only about half of your SCROG net needs to be filled before you put the plants into bloom. She will fill the net in no time! Supercropping, snapping and bending is recommended to control outliers. If you like mega long buds and a big yield, we recommend that you give Power Plant seeds a try!