Dutch Passion - White Widow

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  • Yield: XL
  • Flowering period: 8 weeks
  • Genetics:Indica
  • THC: Very High


Overall, White Widow is an uncomplicated strain that requires little or no advice. This strain practically grows by itself! What we can recommend to promote her potency and stickiness is to put her completely in the dark during the last 3 days of the flowering phase (0 hours light / 24 hours dark). During this time the plant will stress a bit and produce even more trichomes.

Another tip for the more professional grower is to reduce the light cycle during the last 2 weeks of flowering from 12 hours of light per day to 10 hours of light per day (10 hours light / 14 hours dark). This ensures more resin and trichomes. It also means that the second internode bloom (not visible in all phenotypes) is stopped. This will result in fewer new foxtails.