Serious Seeds - Auto AK47

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  • Recommended veg. time: None, automatic strain
  • Indoor flowering time: Autoflowering, whole life cycle= 70-80 days
  • Indoor yield: 40-75 gram per plant
  • Outdoor harvest time: 70-80 days
  • THC levels: Very high
  • CBD levels: Low


At last our multi award winning AK-47 strain in an autoflowering version.

The plants will finally reach a height of 75-100 cm. Quite strong smelling plants with full big buds, covered in crystals and a sweetish, fruity, bit lemony and a bit spicey odour.

Strong in effect, THC only, no CBD. Medicinally grown plants can be used for chronic pains, anxiety and as mood enhancer. Can be grown anywhere indoors or outdoors.